African Women Journalists Forum "Les Panafricaines": The network develops strong governance structures

Casablanca, October 27, 2018 - Initiated by the 2M group and promoted by Radio 2M, the 2nd edition of the Forum of African Women Journalists officially established the organizational structures of “Les Panafricaines” network. This model is the result of the discussions held during a workshop where the participants debated the legal, regulatory and governance aspects of the network.

As Adil Maazouz, expert for the workshop and legal specialist in the media sector said, "We will put in place all the necessary legal mechanisms for ‘Les Panafricaines’ to work and evolve in a legal, stable, relevant and serene environment ".

Fathia El Aouni, Senior Editor-in-Chief, in charge of Radio 2M further explained that "this network brings together journalists that work within and outside of Africa, who can now be our voice. ‘Les Panafricaines' are becoming a platform for information exchange and are committed to becoming a source of information for the network. 'Les Panafricaines' also pledge to facilitate professional collaboration, mutual support and solidarity among all members of the network. In addition, this same network will set up trainings and facilitate expertise-sharing to receive subsidies from international institutions and organizations. The network’s members commit to promote the image of ‘Les Panafricaines’ in their respective countries’ media. Finally, any African journalist sponsored by a member of the network will be able to join the organization, provided they respect its rules and objectives. "

“Les Panafricaines” have commonly decided to set up a follow-up committee, made up of representative workshop leaders from six regions of the continent in addition to Morocco. This committee will be in charge of the implementation of the action plan voted during this second edition of the Forum.

The network also designated a permanent committee, which will be a linchpin of the organization for the next two years. Its members expressed their willingness to fully commit to the action of “Les Panafricaines”. They represent the media of nine African countries: Niger, Mali, Senegal, Cameroon, Egypt, Madagascar, Chad, Ethiopia and Morocco.

The third and highest instance of governance of the network, the Council of Wisdom is made up of ten journalists who hold a central place in the continental media landscape. This Council will ensure compliance with a code of ethics extended to the entire organization, while providing its extensive expertise to benefit the follow-up and the permanent committees.

"We wanted to set up a suitable, ambitious, dynamic structure that supports our concerns. We want to be an effective organization. Thus, we needed strong structures such as a permanent committee with a two-year mandate, a follow-up committee, which will promote the issue of migration for a year, and a council of wisdom that will support, guide and advise us. I think these three structures will shape the ambition of ‘Les Panafricaines’ to be an organization of journalists who speak for the continent, with a positive reality of Africa”, said Houreye Thiam, journalist with the Senegal National Radio-Television.

The structuring of the organization of the network "Panafricaines" will contribute to its members’ capacity building. The new organization will ensure the sustainability of the network’s action and already translates the spirit of solidarity and cooperation characterizing women journalists in Africa.