Les panafricaines 3rd Edition Casablanca, 6 & 7 march 2020 hyatt regency

“Les Panafricaines”, a continental network
Initiated by the 2M, and carried by Radio 2M and the Parity and Diversity Committee, this network aims to contribute to a public awareness of the responsibility of the media and their role in building opinion in African societies, through the creation of a long-term collaborative platform and exchange bridges between professionals from the continental press.
«Pan-African women» share a common cause, that of contributing to the emergence of a new, strong and united Africa. His Majesty King Mohammed VI, underlined in his Message to the 27th Summit of the African Union in Kigali, on July 17, 2016: «A continent long neglected, Africa can no longer be ignored. The era during which our Continent was treated as a mere object in international relations is over. Africa is progressing and is asserting itself in the international arena. Today, it is an active, respected partner in the debate on global governance.» An independent and emancipated Africa which must therefore reappropriate its image and its media discourse, and this is the mission that «Les Panafricaines» have assigned themselves, through the daily work of the members of the network in the 54 countries of the continent, but also through the great Pan-African Forum, an event that brings together hundreds of journalists from the Continent around a common theme of reflection.
On March 6 and 7,2020, “Les Panafricaines” will therefore hold their third Forum in Casablanca. Building on the success of the first two editions and the ramp-up of their network, more than 300 Pan-Africans will participate in this next meeting, which aims to strengthen their capacities to constitute a force for reflection, proposals and challenges to management public and political opinion on a continental scale with the common ambition of the emergence of a strong and united Africa.


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