Salsabil-J is a Moroccan based brand that is authentic and proud to represent the Moroccan heritage and culture through fashionable and luxuriously handmade one-offs & limited-edition products.

Our brand is environmentally friendly and innovative. We stand exclusively as a luxury brand that is committed to supporting the cultural value of Moroccan craftsmanship. We collaborate and shine the light on Moroccans, including Artisans, and what they can produce to bring high-end designs and products to the rest of the world.

With our mentorship program and Masterclasses, we educate the youth in many facets. We teach young entrepreneurs how to run a business from Social media right to the last thread.

We create Aesthetics that are meaningful and have a sustainable impact. We infuse ancient alchemy with contemporary. Our ethos is social, cultural, environmental, and sustainable.

As a Moroccan brand, Salsabil-J has a pivotal role in the fashion industry.  We lead the way in different artistic currents and urban styles to create authentic and refined products based on comfortable, recycled, and discarded objects to provide affordable and luxurious items that are ready to wear.

Salsabil-J designs are bold, unique, fashionable, timeless, and ready to wear. The Salsabil-J person can get ready in under 5 minutes. 

Our clients are intelligent, understanding, and well-traveled men and women. They are out-spoken and well aware of their surroundings. They stand for social issues and the environment. They are strong enough to face the struggles that come their way and are competent in following their goals and ambitions in style and confidence.



With a train of thoughts and a concept in mind, Salsabil-J's head designer traveled from Melbourne, Australia, to Morocco to display her collection in Casablanca's Fashion Tex. And as the world went into lockdown, which in turn put the launch on hold and rescheduled. The designer found herself in a new environment and a misfortunate situation where some of the precious fabrics were stolen and almost left the brand with no collection. However, the designer had faith, faith that led her to Rabat Medina's old walls pushing open ajar doors. Faith put a seamstress in her path and offcuts of fabrics that danced independently, which composed a beautiful and inspiring collection.

Through that, the designer observed a culture, a juxtaposition of architecture, humans, and scents. This disparity between the disadvantaged and the upper class speak the perfection and the imperfection. This abstraction and complexity worked in easiness and made the collection so unique. That mix of cultures that are present in Morocco, and the richness of this land, are the focal point of these designs. That contrast was compelling and consistent in the making of the Formality collection. A collection of the finest offcuts in the medina. An aesthetic that represents Salsabil-J's journey, a union between countries and cultures, and the making of sustainable design that is continuously Salsabil-J's ethos.

With the usage of all the materials, including fabric offcuts, we infused high tailoring with deconstructed collars, cuffs, and belts to create season-less and timeless statement pieces that speak the now. These garments are not just timeless but transformable.

Producing aesthetics that are meaningful and timeless is our goal, as we continue to explore the concept of duality by combining fabrics from Morocco, Australia, and Paris, and designs that are bold, authentic, and fun. We steer the wheel of various aesthetics and urban styles to create an original design based on luxurious, recycled, and discarded objects.

Formality Aesthetics ranges from unique one-offs of timeless pieces to a curated limited edition of up to 20 of each design. We masterfully handcrafted our collection from recycled and discarded fabrics. 

Salsabil-J promotes and preserves Moroccan heritage as traditions and culture must be shone upon locally and in our neighboring European countries and further abroad to countries such as Australia and New Zealand. That is why we bring to the forefront of the fashion world the beauty and decadence that is unmistakably Moroccan from the ancient Medina of Rabat to the contemporary modern world.

Salsabil-j had to challenge the notion of the world and reflect beyond fashion through observing the environment and tuning into faith. Something beyond these buzz words had to come to the forefront, and that is when the cohesiveness of sustainable design and caring for the environment truly fell into place.

Salsabil-J introduces wraps that are transformable, from the body as in gracefully falling above the shoulders like capes, styled around the body as a dress, or sculptured around the waist as skirts. Our capes could be transformed from day to evening wear. Summer or winter, because of their pure fibers these capes could keep you warm or cool pending on the throw itself. The wraps can also be acquainted with Home design (exterior/interior) as they rest elegantly in a room on an armchair, or a hanging piece of Art, or in outdoor settings or gardens. There are limitless possibilities for our transformable pieces, and if Salsabil-J has to answer the question of sustainability, this is her answer in truly creating sustainable products and caring for the environment. 


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